Leaucon, Inc.
Est. 1994
Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems
Instrumentation & Control Systems
Retro-Fitting Leaucon, Inc. will replace or add equipment and controls to bring your existing system back to compliance or to meet new compliance requirements.
Consulting On site consulting for existing or new systems and equipment. Trouble shooting, waste minimization, treatabilities and analytical services.
Installation Equipment and systems installation. On-site assistance and supervision.
Training & Operations Operator training and contract operations services. Let Leaucon, Inc. operate your system.

Clarifiers Leaucon, Inc. Sizes from 30 to 360 gpm. Incline plate clarifiers. Space efficient, easily maintained and serviced. Industrial and municipal applications.
Filter Presses CGR, plate & frame, recessed and membrane plates. Auto load and plate shifters available.
Filter Press Cloths Filter cloths to fit most plate manufacturers. CGR, non-gasketed and plate and frame cloths. Gasket material.
Filters Rosedale Cartridge and bag filters.
Harmsco Stainless Steel housings, cartridge, bag, hurricane and carbon filters
Penguin PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene cartridge and bag filters.Carbon, sand and multimedia filters configured to your application.
Evaporators Samsco, Inc. Complete line of water evaporators, Run Dry units, low pressure vacuum evaporators and mechanical vapor recompression units.
Samsco Envirostill
Samsco EnviroStill Technology Overview
Samsco RunDry Data Sheet
Samsco SWE-II Data Sheet
Samsco WasteSaver Data Sheet
Oil Skimmers Oil Skimmers, Inc. Tube type oil skimmers.
Pumps Gould and Gorman Rupp centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, vertical pumps.
Wilden air diaphragm pumps. AMPCO sanitary, marine and industrial pumps.
Drum Pumps Standard drum and container pumps LUTZ drum pumps
Chemical Metering LMI (Liquid Metronics, Inc.) metering pumps.
Walchem EH Series metering pumps.
Mixers Lightnin mixers. Complete line of mixers for all applications
Lightnin Series 10
Lightnin EV
Lightnin ECL

Wingert mixers. Gear and direct drive mixers.
Tanks Polyethylene vertical, cone bottom and DOT tanks. Custom epoxy coated steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and fiberglass tanks.
Chemicals CETCO Specialty bentonite clays for wastewater treatment
Hexagon Technologies - Polymers and emulsion splitting.
Innovative Technical Enterprises - specialized chemical additions aide in flocculation, metals removal and oil removal.
Valves GEMU, Inc., actuated and manual diaphragm valves.
Samplers Manning Environmental Water, wastewater and storm water samplers

Treatment Systems
Treatment Systems
Custom designed to your application and requirements. Industrial and small sanitary systems.
ION Exchange Custom designed systems designed to the specific application.
Membrane Systems Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis.
Ozone Systems Ozone systems for disinfections and BOD/COD reduction.

Instrumentation and Controls
Control Systems PLC/Computer control systems. New or retrofitted to an existing system. Remote operations, trending, graphics and printout capabilities, SCADA systems. Telemetry systems. Computer systems and PLC custom programming.
Controllers Walchem, Inc. pH, ORP, conductivity. Specialty plating controllers.
WebMaster and WebAlert, control and data logging over the Internet.
LMI pH and ORP controllers.
Flow Meters SeaMetrics flow meters, paddle and turbine sensors, magnetic flow meters.
Water Specialties magnetic, propeller, V-cone flow meters
Flow Measurement Weir boxes and flumes with ultra sonic or bubbler flow measurement
Level Controls Flowline level and flow control. Ultrasonic sensors
Banner ultrasonic sensors
Leaucon, Inc. Our own custom bubbler systems
Cooling Tower
Boiler Controls
Walchem, Inc. Conductivity, pH, chemical additions.
WebMaster and WebAlert, control and data logging over the Internet.
Control Panels Leaucon, Inc. Custom Panel Shop - design, install or build panels to your specifications